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Dim Sum Xiao Long Bao Kid Tee [Unisex]

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Dim Sum Xiao Long Bao Kid Tee [Unisex]

Indulge in delightful charm with our Dim Sum Xiao Long Bao Family Tees, perfect for CNY2024's Year of the Dragon. Experience the cuteness of these little dumplings shaped like dragons, adding a whimsical touch to your family's festive attire. Embrace the Lunar New Year with these playful and adorable tees that blend tradition and creativity for a joyous celebration!


  • Premium cotton 95%
  • Front pocket
  • Personalization/text printing is optional (+SGD$3) - Your choice to print Chinese / English text

Measurements +/- 1-3cm deviation

Size Chart: in CM [Unisex Cutting]

Kid T-shirts:

Kid(1-2) - Chest(60); Length(38)

Kid(3-4) - Chest(66); Length(44)

Kid(5-6) - Chest(70); Length(48)

Kid(7-8) - Chest(76); Length(52)

Kid(9-10) - Chest(82); Length(56)